Back Pack Typhoon 4 gal 15L – FZSAAK

Introducing the second generation of FlowZone sprayers! The Typhoon 2 features upgraded components for even better spraying.

Improvements include:

  • ultra-thick backpack straps for extended comfort
  • stainless-steel clips that firmly attach straps to sprayer tank
  • an added layer of foam back padding
  • ergonomic lid handle for easy pickup
  • additional loops to attach backpack straps for big & tall individuals
  • fully sealed battery cover that clicks in for added water resistance
  • front-facing battery indicator lights
  • a redesigned holster to snugly hold wand in place
  • a screw-on hose cap keeping water and debris out of the tank
Spray Time Up to 3 Hours
Spray Distance >30 Feet
Dual Speed Switch 70 or 115 psi
Tank Output > 76 gallons
Lithium-ion Battery 18V 5.2Ah
Flow Rate 0.42/0.63 gpm
Pump Type Diaphragm
Charge Time ~1.5 hours
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