Misty Utility Cleaner 12/cs

Product Description

Sold by the case. 12 cans per case.

A unique formulation of solvents, cleaning chemical and surfactants that work together to provide a product powerful enough to satisfy most every day cleaning needs, yet mild enough not to damage painted surfaces. One product does it all! Cleans stainless steel, formica, chrome, Plexiglas, glass, woodwork, cabinets, vinyl, porcelain and most any other hard surface. Removes grease, fingerprints, dust, floor wax, etc. Ideally suited for the printed industry for cleaning presses, plates, copy.

Medium duty formula, fortifies with ammonia, water-based with advanced foaming action, 360 degree valve allows can to spray upside down, pleasant mint fragrance.

Product is for household use and is available to the public.

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