Misty Window & Windshield Cleaner 12/cs

Product Description

Sold by the case. 12 cans per case.

This aggressive and versatile glass cleaner is specially formulated for outdoor and indoor glass surfaces. Quickly dissolves smudge, film, scum, smear, bug residue and other stubborn soils. The non-ammoniated formula is pleasantly fragrances with a fresh and clean scent and is effective on hot or cold glass. The enriched white foam does not streak and is safe for use on window tinting, clear plastics, mirrors, and other glass surfaces. In addition, a unique 360 degree valve allows spraying in any position.

Non-ammoniated formula
Heavy duty performance for Indoor and Outdoor exposed glass
Quickly cleans glass, mirrors and more
360 degree allows can to spray upside down
Pleasant fragrance

Product is for household use and is available to the public.

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