NARA® LURE Meat Flavor

Traditional baits or organic attractants often cause secondary problems such as insect infestations and molds. Toxic baits also have very limited uses around food handling facilities.

Pest control professionals now rely on NARA attractants for these reasons:

  • Highly effective – rodents are highly attracted to NARA
  • Hygienic – do not cause insect infestations, do not decay or grow molds
  • Non-toxic –  safe to use anywhere
  • Allergen free – suitable to use in all types of food plants
  • Effective for up to 12 months
  • Comes in 5 different aromas: vanilla, meat, fish, mango and choconut


NARA Lure is suitable for use with mouse and rat snap traps.

Packaging: 100 pieces of Nara lure per plastic jar, 12 jars per box.


NARA® is the first allergen free monitor!

Law as well as many food standards now prohibit the use of anticoagulants for monitoring purposes. Only after the determination of rodent activity anticoagulants may be used subject to stringent restrictions. Common monitors have the critical disadvantage that they serve as food for rodents, which increases their lifetime and the risk of a rising reproduction of rodents. Moreover, most common baits are prone to mould formation in damp areas. In other areas they are often infested by non-target organisms, e.g. flour beetles, cockroaches, bristletails, moths, ants or snails.

No other beats NARA® Lure: 3 up to 12 months long lasting efficacy in 3 different aromas will be your professional aid for long-term monitoring. Rely upon award winning NARA® quality for guaranteed success in any environment.

With the new aromas there is no other product that can deliver this level of quality and flexibility. Choose between vanilla, meat or fish aroma.

Tuna or peanut butter leave a big mess that has to be cleaned up after some days of usage. Professionals now rely upon NARA® Lure, which is the most hygienic and long-lasting way to monitor. No cleaning up afterwards and no fast decrease of efficient monitoring with up to 12 months of non-stop monitoring. Only with NARA®.


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