Order & Shipping


  1. Review online catalogue
  2. Review Price List
  3. Phone, fax, email or mail your order


  • All shipments are Free on Board (FOB) our warehouse in Winnipeg.
  • Please advise the method by which your order is to be shipped or if to be picked up
  • Please provide the name of your carrier and account number when ordering
  • All orders will be shipped prior to the end of the next business day (providing goods are in stock).


Pricing information is available on separate price sheets.

Terms are Net 30 Days from the invoice date (except KONK which come with terms 10 / 10, Net 30).

All prices are subject to change without notice.


It is Viceroy’s policy to provide quality goods and services as and when you require them and at competitive and stable prices.

If you are able to buy identical or similar products at a lower price from a competitor give us a call. Please contact us for PDF documents if you are adding these into your catalogue, brochures, etc.