B&G 2300 My-Ti-Lite Fogger

B&G My-Ti-Lite Fogger – 15015000 The heavy-duty foggers from B&G are used for flying insect control around the world. They are ideal for commercial and residential accounts because of their compact size, and stability.

The handle and tank are one-piece construction and the unit is

rotation-molded for maximum strength. Tank is Rotationally molded as a

one-piece, seamless, co polymer without any hinges, weak spots, or stress points.

The Mi-Ti-Lite 2300 Fogger uses a 1-1/2 Gallon capacity tank with a

3-1/2 wide tank opening and a low profile design for increased stability. Preset discharge of approximately 9 oz/min. Ideal for general

fogging of pesticides and other applications. The nozzle is preset at a

45 degree angle to direct flow of the fog upward for improved circulation.

Flying insects and crawling insects such as ants, cockroaches, fleas,

food product pests (grain beetles, weevils and moths), fabric pests

such as clothes moths, dry wood termites, silverfish, etc.

Attics, crawl spaces and other areas where you need large volumetric coverage and where there is limited accessibility.

This fogger has a fixed rate of 9 ounces per minute. B&G professional bug foggers will dispense your pesticides effectively

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