Catchmaster Bed Bug Monitor 4pk – 504


Product Description

Detect bedbugs before it’s too late! The Slider®, is designed to catch bedbugs as a means of monitoring for the first signs of an infestation. Bedbugs and insects are attracted to the textured base of the Slider®. They explore the base and are trapped in the Catchmaster® adhesive formulated for bedbugs and insects.

The clear window allows for easy inspection. The Slider® can easily slide between the mattress and box spring. Place under four corners of mattress. The Slider® can also be placed under couch cushions and in other upholstered furniture, under crib mattress, inside luggage, in cars and under car floor mats, in and around cubbies / lockers at schools, and along baseboards.

Product is for household use and is available to the public.