Hudson Porta-Pak ULV Applicator

Product Description

98600A Porta-Pak™ Ultra Low Volume Applicator

Covers Extremely Large Areas with Very Little Spray Material.
This is a true ULV sprayer, not a mist blower. Motor and
large, specially designed fan generate powerful, high
volume air stream that drives 18-75 micron droplets. Covers
swath up to 75 feet (23 m) wide and up to 45 feet (15 m)
high! Uses concentrated pesticide so there is no water
mixing or carrying required. Ideal for use in orchards and
groves, inside large warehouses, feedlots, etc. Also ideal
for mosquito control for public health. Easily carried on
applicator’s back. Optional parts kit for fast, easy,
in-the-field servicing. 0.9 gal / 3.5 liter capacity.

Product is for household use and is available to the public.

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