Knock Down Hornet and Wasp Blaster 325g – KD131D

Product Description

Knock Down Hornet and Wasp Blaster – Spray:

– For the control of wasps, bees, hornets and yellow jackets,

– Remove protective cap and point nozzle in direction of the wasp nest or at the insect

– Press the nozzle and completely saturate the nest from a distance of 3 meters. Allow sufficient time for insects to die.

– Application to wasp nests should be made in early evening or early morning when insects are at rest.

LIMITATIONS: Do not use inside homes, on humans or animals. Do not use as a space spray.

– Jet Stream

– Contact and residual effect

– 3 Metre (9 ft) Jet Spray

Active Ingredient: Resm. 0.25%

Product is for household use and is available to the public.

MSDS Information