Konk 409 Flying Insect Killer 212g


Active Ingredient: Pyrethrin 0.975%

Product Description

Konk 409 Flying Insect Killer:

– Konk 409 contains 0.975% Pyrethrin for rapid knock down & kill

– The continuous use of the Konk 409 will reduce flying insect populations (flies gnats and mosquitoes) within a few hours

– One can protects a room up to 170 cu. m. for up to 30 days. A typical room size for 107 cu. m. or 6000 cu. ft. is 3m x 7m x 8m or 23 x 25 x 10

Use in the KONK BVT automatic dispenser, Fast, Effective Control of Flies, Gnats and Mosquitoes for low to moderate infestations

Use Areas include: Restaurants, Food Plants, Hospitals, Food Service Establishments, Lodges, Resorts, Dairies, Horse Stables, Cow Barns and Poultry Houses.


Product is for commercial and pest control use only and cannot be sold to the public.

MSDS Information

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