Synergetic Halo 15 – 23 x 10 x 4.25 – 430 ft²

Product Description

With a contemporary, discreet aesthetic and commercial efficacy, the second generation Halo is the most versatile glueboard flylight available for use across a range of commercial applications.

Halo is available as a slimline 15, 30 or 45W model, providing a high quality insect control solution for small or large areas.

Offering a wide range of installation options, the second generation Halo can be vertically or horizontally wall mounted, or desk mounted using the specially designed desk mounting feet. The compact 15W unit
can even be discreetly mounted above doors for areas where space is restricted.

The Halo is quick and easy to service; the swing down front guard provides complete access to the UV bulbs, while the glueboard can be easily changed from either side of the unit. The range uses high
efficacy 15W UV bulbs for reduced inventory requirements.

replacement parts : 240910D HALO 15 GLUE BOARD (21.3×12) 6PK


Product is for household use and is available to the public.

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