Green Gorilla 1.5 Gal No Pump Spraying Tank (Wand not included)

Built for the PMP

By working hand-in-hand with industry experts, Green Gorilla has developed the first automated delivery system for pest control professionals.

Our patented Smart Pressure Technology ensures the pressure in the tank is matched by the pressure at the tip of the sprayer providing some real-world industry benefits.

The pest control industry is very labor intensive so not worrying about stopping to pump means you can concentrate on delivering the treatment, saving both time and money, while providing your customer with a higher-quality service.

See below for wand options and pricing.


Built to help you work faster, easier, and more efficiently, our systems free you from pumping while digitally maintaining tank pressure.

Digitally controlled for superior distribution consistency.

Lithium Ion battery, providing you with power all day long.

Saves operators up to 25% of their application time.

Precision application to deliver the right amount every time.

Wand Not included.

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