Bait Safe Wall/Ceiling Rodent Bait Station (Discontinued)

Bait Safe™ offers a unique solution to the issues faced by pest controllers on a daily basis,
  • tackling both crawling insect and rodent problems at their source
  • .HACCP food safety certified for use against insects and rodents
  •  Strong, robust design
  • Discreet design allows installation in areas which would traditionally have been unsuitable for baiting, for example front of house areas in restaurants, shops, supermarkets, retail venues, care homes and hospitals
  • Allows bait to be placed into wall cavities, directly targeting the area where rodents live and breed
  • Allows removal of bait after use
Suitable for use with toxic bait or non-toxic bait to allow monitoring
• Suitable for use with insecticide gels
• Can be used with Oda Blocks to prevent rodent odours in wall cavities
• Patented key system only allows access by the pest controller
• Can be used to provide instant access to wall cavities for monitoring with cameras
• Removes the need to access ceiling and loft spaces during bait placement and monitoring


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