Bio-gen Drain Foam 510g

Bio-Gen Drain Foam is a bio-energized foaming drain cleaner combining the power of concentrated natural non-pathogenic bacteria in formula with citrus grease cutters and odour counteracting ‘boosters’. Provides positive control of odours and the elimination of drain fly and insect sources. Maintains drains and lines in a clean and free flowing condition without the use of harsh chemicals or hazardous solvents.

Safely and efficiently breaks down organics in all types of sink, trough and floor drains, garbage disposals, bar and fountain drains, ice-cream dipper well drains, ice machine drains as well as drip trays of all types. Excellent for other areas where organic build-ups occurs such as under counters, around conveyors, walk-in coolers and behind baseboards or under and behind appliances.


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