Cykill Place Packs 1.7kg pail 120 x 14g

Product Description:

  • active ingredient: Bromethalin
  • palatable bait is preferred over most feeds, food sources and competitive baits
  • rodents stop feeding after consuming a lethal dose; results in a consumption of 80% less bait than with traditional baits
  • no known resistance, neurotoxicant formulation
  • reduced risk of secondary toxicity
  • rodents eat through the package
  • House Mice, Norway Rats and Roof Rats usually consume a lethal dose in a single day of
    feeding, but it may take two or more days from time of bait consumption for these rodents to die.
    Rodents cease feeding after consuming a lethal dose. Cykill
    Place Packs is effective against anticoagulant-resistant mice and rats.
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