KD Wasp Bee Gone Inflatable Artificial Wasp Nest 2PCS – 12/CS – KD0507

Wasp Bee Gone Artificial Wasp Nest,

  • Keep your patio, deck, yard, or other outdoor space free of wasps with this 2-pack of inflatable, reusable wasp deterrent nests. Keep yellow jackets, hornets, and other stinging wasps away backyard or outdoor space to enjoy peaceful dining, recreation with the kids, and satisfying gardening free of the stress of potential wasp stings
  • Wasps are territorial, and typically do not build a nest within 200 feet of an existing nest. They will flee when they encounter an unknown nest, so keeping this deterrent close by will deter wasps from coming near. For optimal results, hang 4-12 feet away from your eating, cooking, or problem area, around 6-8 feet high
  • This 2-pack of wasp deterrent nests are reusable, chemical free, storm- and rain-proof, safe, clean, and easy to use. Hang them on a nearby tree, under the eaves-troughs, on a deck support beam, or anywhere you want to protect, Bring indoors during winter and hang out in spring for years of wasp-free outdoor enjoyment. Each nest inflates to a roughly 23″ circumference and 13″ height
  • Please note that this product will NOT treat or eliminate an existing nest of any insect. It is ideally suited as a deterrent and preventative. Do not use on or around Africanized honey bees.
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