Maxforce Refillable Buffet Station 48/BX

Sold and priced by the each (48 to master pack)

Commercial Structures (Indoors), Commericial Exteriors and Landscapes, Food Manufacturing & Processing Plants, Residential Areas, Residential Exteriors and Landscapes, Residential Structures (Indoors)


Maxforce Refillable Buffet Station is a great addition to the other Maxforce bait products. The baits by themselves can make quite a mess and if left out in the open, can lose potency. The Maxforce Refillable Buffet Station eliminates that completely. It will protect from the elements and will eliminate bait absorption into porous surfaces. These stations are great for outdoor and indoor use for cockroaches and ants and are easy to inspect and fill. Made of durable and 100% recycled plastic, each station contains 4 reservoirs for the bait to be placed in. The input ramp is even large enough to allow large cockroaches to enter. The bridge inside will allow ants to easily travel around the station. A great feature includes a space on the station where you can promote your business by inserting a snap in card measuring 36 x 67 mm. This unique bait station is the solution to being able to place different baits into just one station, allowing unique treatments custom to the pest problems.


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