New Piactive Original Cream 100% Deet Free 12hr 12g Tube – MS0023

Mosquito Shield™ is proud to introduce Canada’s first and longest lasting 12 HOUR insect repellent, a revolutionary game changer in repellents for mosquitoes, ticks and black flies.

PiACTIVE (icaridin) is recommended by the World Health Organization, Canadian Pediatric Society, and the committee to advise on tropical medicine and travel (CATMAT), as a first line of defense in Tropical climate regions and for children 12 years and younger.

  • DEET FREE as always
  • Non oily, greasy, or sticky
  • Will not damage fishing lines, plastic or other synthetic materials.
  • non-scented
  • No-irritating  skin effects*
  • Skin friendly
  • Dermatologically tested*
  • Good skin compatibility
  • Provides long lasting protection;
    – up to 12 hrs of protection against mosquitoes and ticks.
    – up to 10 hrs of protection against black flies.

* PiACTIVE™ has been dermatologically tested. Human patch testing was for the determination of irritating effects on human skin, none of the subjects showed any reaction or none of the human subjects showed any irritating skin effects.

As with all products applied to the skin, test a small area to ensure no adverse reactions prior to use. Discontinue use if signs of irritation or rash appear.

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