Pest Planet Reusable Slip-on Boot covers 10pk (Blue)

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  • 10 pack 5 pairs
  • Pest Planet shoe cover is made of durable silicone with anti-skid line at the bottom to ensure the safety of rain and snow. It has good waterproof and anti-skid performance, is safe and environmentally friendly, durable and can be used repeatedly. It replaces the impact of disposable shoe covers and is good for our environment. Good elasticity, easy to put on and take off, suitable for adults, men, women and children to wear off.
  • [SIZE] U.S (9 to 12)
  • [REUSABLE] The silicone shoe cover has a very fashionable design and will not hide the design of your sports shoes, much like a fashion accessory. Easy to clean, washable, just rinse and wipe directly with a brush or towel. After using waterproof overshoes. More convenient and economical, it can be used for a long term repeated use.


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