Pest-Stop Professional Bird Spikes 5.75″ x 16.40′

Professional Bird Spikes

Stops birds landing on buildings and fences.
Pest-Stop Bird Spikes are produced from the highest quality UV
resistant plastic and the spikes themselves are made from a
premium grade stainless steel. The product also incorporates
a clever and innovative ‘anti barging’ design where the spikes
cross against each other to stop birds potentially pushing
their way through. The plastic strip can be cut or snapped to a
required length.
The spikes can be installed onto window sills, ledges, pipes,
fences and other surfaces nuisance birds typically land on.

Directions for use:

Fix the bird spike to the required surface using the screw holes
in the plastic strip alternatively the strips can be fixed in place
with double-sided adhesive pads, or a ‘no nails’ type glue.

  • Deter nuisance birds with this humane solution
  • Place on windowsills, ledges, walls and guttering
  • Tough 304 steel on a strong, flexible UV-resistant plastic base
  • Each pack can cover a distance of 5m
  • Used by bird control professionals
  • Dimensions (mm): 500 (L) x 150 (W) x 111 (H)
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