TERRO Wasp and Fly Trap – Refill – T517

TERRO Wasp and Fly Trap refills are an exact replacement bait bag for your reusable Wasp & Fly Trap. Simply swap in this convenient refill bag of stink-free, dual-purpose bait once the old one is full to receive continuous protection against wasps, hornets, yellow jackets and flies all season long!


Get the most out of your TERRO Wasp and Fly Trap with this convenient refill bait bag. This bait is an exact replacement for the one that came with your reusable trap. When the old bait bag is full of flies, wasps, and other nuisance insects, simply swap it out for this refill bag without ever missing a beat. Since TERRO Wasp and Fly Trap Refill is ready to use, your property never needs to go undefended against these pests. It’s also stink free, because you shouldn’t have to suffer through unpleasant odors in your pursuit to be insect-free. This unique, dual-purpose bait is designed to attract and trap wasps, hornets, flies and yellow jackets, as well as flies. Specifications • For use with TERRO Wasp and Fly Trap (T516) • Attracts wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and flies • Convenient 4-step setup makes it easy to use • Unique, stink-free bait formula.


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