Victor® Hold-Fast Mouse Glue Tray 4-pk 12/cs – M668TRI

Mouse traps can be timely to set up and messy to bait. The Victor Mouse Hold-Fast Glue Tray is easy-to-use and comes pre-baited, saving you time and a mess! The trap contains Victor’s proprietary glue formula, which is designed to catch mice and hold them securely. The trap also works on crawling insects! To use, simply separate the glue trays and place them along the walls where rodents and insects are wreaking havoc. Once a catch is made, either dispose of the trap in the trash, or for a catch and release option, use vegetable oil to release the mouse and set free outdoors. The mouse glue tray can be used anywhere indoors. Its non-toxic formula allows you to use the trap near food, water, children, and pets- making it a great mouse control option for your home!


  • Victor Proprietary glue formula
  • Long-lasting glue tray traps mice and crawling insects, and holds them securely
  • No setting or baiting required – just place and catch!
  • Disposable
  • Made in the U.S.A


English, French & Spanish retail pack


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