Victor Refillable Mouse 16-CT Mouse Bait Station. 6/CS – M923CAN

Do you have an on-going issue with mice around your property? Victor Fast-Kill Brand Refillable Mouse Bait Stations have got you covered! The bait station arrives with one refillable bait station and 8 multiple-feed non-anticoagulant rodenticide bait refills for your convenience! The bait is made of high-quality ingredients that rodents find incredibly palatable, so it’s easy to attract them to the bait station. To use, simply place the bait station in areas of high rodent activity! The dual-entry tunnels are designed with rodent travel habits in mind, encouraging interaction with the bait station and allowing easy access to the bait. When the bait is depleted, simply open the bait station with the key, don gloves, and refill with a new bait block. For an added layer of protection, the bait station comes with a locking mechanism and key to prevent coming into contact with the bait. Specifications: Dual-entry design encourages rodent activity Dual-entry design encourages rodent interaction Bait stations come with 16 bait refills to help control multiple house mice High-quality bait formula is extremely palatable to rodents Unique locking feature with key provides a layer of protection Includes 1 refillable bait station and 16 bait refills



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