Suspend Polyzone SC50 900ML


P.C.P # 34599

Suspend Polyzone is a suspension concentrate formulation containing 50 g of deltamethrin per liter. The product is designed for use both indoors and outdoors and will provide effective control ofinsect pests listed on this label. Suspend Polyzone can be used: 1) Indoors as spot or crack and crevice treatment. 2) Outdoors as a broadcast, spot or crack and crevice treatment on the exterior surfaces of structures. 3) Outdoors as a spot or broadcast application to turf and surrounding vegetation. Permitted areas of use include the structures, transport vessels, and turf areas:

Structures: • apartment buildings • bakeries • cafeterias • correctional facilities • greenhouses (structures only) • hospitals • hotels • houses • industrial buildings • kitchens • industrial buildings • kitchens • laboratories • livestock housing • pet kennels • manufacturing establishments • mausoleums • motels • nursing homes • poultry houses • food/feed and non-food/feed processing and packing plants • restaurants • schools including nurseries and daycares • shelters • stores • warehouses.

Modes of Transport: • inside transportation vessels such as buses, trucks, trailers, rail cars, marine vessels, cars, vans, mobile homes (excluding the passenger areas of aircraft)

Turfgrass Sites: • athletic fields • recreational areas • sod farms • golf courses • residential lawns • turf areas in commercial sites.


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