TERRO Clothes Moth Alert – T720

Use TERRO Clothes Moth Alert to attract and capture clothes moths with a pheromone-based glue trap. Each package includes two traps and pheromone packets which are ready in seconds and can be placed in any area that is showing signs of a clothes moth infestation.


TERRO Clothes Moth Alert attracts and captures adult clothes moths in your home without leaving a mothball odor on your favorite clothes. This trap features a pheromone lure to attract clothes moths, which are then trapped on the sticky glue surface. By trapping adult moths, you interrupt the reproduction cycle of clothes moths. Trapping them also alerts you to take additional efforts toward eradicating the infestation. To destroy an infestation dry clean clothes and steam clean rugs. Inside each package of TERRO Clothes Moth Alert are two glue traps and lure packets. Additionally, the simple design of the Clothes Moth Alert keeps pets and children from getting to the sticky glue surface. Specifications: • Lures & traps clothes moths • No moth ball odor • Helps protect clothes & furnishings • Safe, non-toxic & pesticide-free when used as directed • Includes 2 traps with pheromone lure.


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